How do I access LBF On-Demand platform?

To access the content in LBF On-Demand, you simply need to register here. Once registered, you can access the platform at any time on a desktop, tablet or mobile device from 29 March.

How can I participate?

If you’re an exhibitor, the platform provides the perfect location to engage with customers, build brand awareness and do business online. Your account manager can advise the package that suits your needs. Contact  the team

How do I access the platform?

Once you have booked a package, you will be sent login instructions from The London Book Fair team.

How to Log in:

How to Check Your Calender:


What can I upload to my company profile?

You can upload the following company information to your profile:

- Company logo (500 x 500px)
- Company video (less than 80mb) or video embed code (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo
- Company PDFs (less than 3mb per pdf. The title of the PDF will be visible to visitors)
- Company description
- Website URL
- Social media links (YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram)
- Contact email (to receive notifications of visitors contacting you via the ‘message’ facility)

You can also upload the following for titles and products:

- Product images or titles (500 x 500px minimum. Min 1 image, max 5 per product)
- Product video (less than 80mb) or video embed code (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo)
- Product or title PDFs (less than 3mb per pdf - the title of the PDF will be visible to visitors)
- Product description
- Product catalogue 

Product Categories - To add categories to your products simply open the product edit page and select categories.

If you need any support using the platform, please contact our Customer Services team


How to Edit Company Profile:

How to Add Products:


I’ve uploaded products, but I can’t see them in the directory?

In the products section of your profile, there are two buttons, ‘Active’ and ‘Inactive’. To ensure your product(s) appear in your profile and the directory, you can use a simple toggle button to activate.

How do I reset my password?

If you have forgotten your password, click the ‘login’ button and then click ‘forgot password’. You can then enter your email address, and a link will be sent to you to reset your password.

Why am I getting limited access, e.g. I can't watch the sessions or receive recommendations?

When you first enter LBF On-Demand with your company login instruction, make sure to add team members, starting with yourself. This is an important first step to enjoy the full benefits of the platform. Logging in as a team member will give you access to the following features, which are not available when you are using your company profile to access the platform.

- Receive exhibitor and product recommendations
- Receive matchmaking recommendations
- View session live and on-demand

How do I add myself and my colleagues as team members?

You can add up to the number agreed within your package, including yourself. Team members will feature in your company profile page, and the visitors can contact them directly through chat and sending meeting requests.  
You can add team members if you are in to your company profile. To add new team members:

- Go to your company profile
- Click on Edit Profile>Team Members tab. 
- Click on Add Team Member, and you will asked for an email address.
- In Edit Team Member Details window, add photo, name and job title
- Click on Role to choose between Company Member and Admin. You can have more than one person designated as Admin.

Make sure to set yourself up as an Admin – As an admin you will have access to your personal profile and the company profile, allowing you to edit company details. You can switch between profiles by simply clicking on My Profile on the top right corner of the profile page. 

How to Add Team Members:


I’m logged into my profile, but I can’t see where to upload my company information and products?

You must be an Admin to edit and upload company information and products. To check your assigned role;

- Log in with your company profile login credentials
- Go to PROFILE INFO>Edit Profile, click on Team Members
- Click on the edit icon on your profile card, and check that you have selected Admin instead of Company Member.

My video won’t play/video window comes up small; how do I get this to work?

It might be that where you have the place to put the embed code, a URL has just been used. On popular video sites like YouTube, there is a share button. You then have the option to choose ‘embed code’. When clicking on this, the code is automatically generated for you, and you can paste it into your product or supplier profile in the video section. You must make sure the embed code used has ‘iframe&rsquo at the start and end. Alternatively, you can upload your own MP4 file. 

How do I know if visitors have contacted me?

When you log in to your account, you’ll see a ‘messages’ option in your dashboard. This is where you can view who has messaged you and respond. You will also receive notification emails if someone has requested a meeting, or messaged you for the first time. 

Downloading leads - You can download contact details from meetings which were conducted successfully. Contact details for future meetings or cancelled meetings, more casual interactions such as page/product views and page/product favourites will not feature in the download. 

Use your Dashboard - Visitors and exhibitors who viewed or added you to their Favourites will appear in Interactions section on your Dashboard. You can click on individuals on the list and make further connections by sending messages and requesting meetings.

Login to your account regularly to check for new messages from established contacts – Message notification will be sent only when someone new has contacted you. So log in regularly and look out for the message alerts at the top right corner of your dashboard.

How to Check Your Dashboard:

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