What can I use The Online Book Fair for?

The Online Book Fair is a platform that creates space for the global publishing community to come together to meet, learn and continue to do business online. For visitors, you can meet the ‘who’s who’ of the publishing industry, view exhibitors and their titles and products, plus enjoy our renowned content programme online and on-demand.

If you are registered as a Student, you can watch all the sessions live or on-demand, and add exhibitors, products and sessions to your Favourites list. Messaging and meeting functions are available for general visitors only.

How do I access the platform?

To access the content on the platform, you need to register (it is free!). Once registered, you can access the platform from the 21st of June on desktop, tablet or mobile devices.

How to Log In:

How to Check Your Calendar:

How to Check Notifications:


How do I reset my password?

If you need to reset your password, go to the login page and click the button ‘Reset Password’; a link will be sent to you so you can set up a new one.

Can I arrange meetings with exhibitors?

The platform has a messaging function*. So if you find an exhibitor or product you are interested in, you can contact the exhibitor directly to arrange a meeting, which can be hosted on the platform at a time suitable to both parties.

*Messaging and meeting functions are not available if you are registered as a student.

How to Use Matchmaking & Book Meetings:

How to Use Online Meetings:


How can I contact exhibitors?

On the directory listings for each individual, you’ll see a star. Click on the star to open more options and then select message (the email icon). Draft your message, including a subject line, and press send. The exhibitor will then get a notification alerting them of your message. You can also access the messaging function directly through the exhibitor profile. As you are messaging within the platform, no contact details will be shared – they will only be able to see the information shown on your profile. Should you wish to share further contact details, you can do this directly in the messaging function.

How to Send a Message:

How to Add to Favourites:

Search Exhibitors and Products:


How do I view the live sessions?

To view the live sessions and to access the full timetable, click on the sessions tab. You will then be given the opportunity to sign up to attend the sessions you choose. By signing up and viewing the sessions, your contact details will be shared with the speaker.

If you are an exhibitor, check that you are logged in as a Team Member to view the sessions. “Join Session” button will not show on the sessions’ list if you are logged in as your company profile.

Are the sessions available on-demand?

All sessions will remain on-demand until the 16th of July to watch at a time convenient to you.

Checking your internet connection for meetings and viewing sessions?

You can find out how to check your connection settings here.
Sessions are streamed live and on-demand on Vimeo. Please check that your connection setting is suitable for viewing the videos. Check your connection to Vimeo here.

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